content Research

Content Research

Most of my research derives from art crimes. The research I have done has proven that art crime statistics are lacking in recorded data. I did find some good information and facts, but I feel I need to find more for my icons leading up to the act of committing the crime. The flashlight and lipstick need to be tied back into the set.

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Type Expressive weather Motion

The flash videos are always fun and frustrating. After uploading the video I noticed my images are way to big and are causing the video to stream choppy I'm going to try to fix it, but have to wait for vimeo to upload again.

Weather Intro from Bryan Baumgart on Vimeo.

Type Expressive weather

Here is the final product for this typography design. The biggest thing I learned from this project is the level of difficultly involved in integrating digital type with organic or analog expressive type. It seems hard to combine the two without making the digital type feel pasted on. This was a good project to explore several applications of type. I feel that my ideas were strong and my approach was working well, but the amount of time I devoted to this project was poor. In the future I will be determined to balance out the structure of the projects better.

Seven Deadly Sins Process

For the seven deadly sins I had a variety of ideas that I wanted to explore, and through sketching and brainstorming was able to narrow it down to a series of miniatures. Originally I was thinking of shooting a person committing a sin in an everyday routine ( wake up snooze, eat to much breakfast, and road rage) to make this more interesting I thought of having the person committing the act also watching in the scene. The photography would have to be altered and wouldn't have been successful otherwise. The second idea and probably my strongest was to attend a college party and catch people in the act of committing the sin. The series of sketches below were how I explored this approach ; gluttony would be a person passed out on a couch and beer cans all around, lust would have clothes placed around a room and two people covered in a bed. Unfortunately I became ill and was unable to shoot this idea, so I finally went with my third idea of using extreme proportion change to exaggerate the sins. I feel the series turned out well. The sins are communicated clearly, and have a interesting appeal. I do feel there could be a little more relationship and consideration between the pictures and the arrangement within the book.


Icon Process Picture Frame

The Picture frame has been difficult for me to develop and am still not satisfied with the results. I've explored a couple different ideas, and all have fallen short. The rules I have developed for my set do not work well with the flat orientation of the frame. The cropping of the icon puts the positive/negative balance off and makes it look awkward. It seems what I have will do for now, and I will have to explore and alternative approach to communicate the picture frame better.

Icon Color Process

The color process of this project has been fun. Breaking down an icon into simple forms with little consideration is a good technique to have and will try to follow throughly. After I developed a system to employ I then began consideration of color to communicate my story. This part became a little more difficult, because color can have so many meanings. I had a set with red and grey as my two hues, and I felt the colors work well together. The problems was that I might not keep the lipstick as a icon in the end and the red hue wouldn't represent anything. I chose to change the red hue to a midnight blue/purple to represent the night and the high class nature of the crime (purple). I think I might be exploring the red/grey system further down the road if this system isn't the right match for my set. I also reworked my palette to improve the communication of the colors with my story, I feel the second set is much better.

Icon Color Set

These is the final color set that I have developed thus far. I've been working on the craft and clarity of the icons themselves, and will continue to improve the overall quality throughout the remainder of the project. The color for the icons is a mid-night blue/purple and a gray. The blue tone represents the night at which the crime takes place, and the gray is signifier of the gun being used to commit the crime. I feel the two colors work well to represent the high class nature of the crime, but I will continue further exploration to find the right match of color. This project has taught me a lot about paying close attention to the rules that one discovers through exploration and applying them strictly to achieve a visually interesting system.

7 Deadly Sins

This is the final set for my 7 sins booklet, I'm still trying to narrow down pride and envy. I'm also trying to decide which shot produces the best composition and clear communication. Tomorrow I will be doing the final print and assembling.


Linear Process

These is the linear progression of a pistol icon that I developed for my story "The Art Heist". From analog drawings to vector, and then refinement of scale position and contrast.

Analog to Digital Type

These are the images that I took after creating the analog typography, and here is a few examples of the digital format they developed into.

Expressive Type Bus

I've developed a set of rules for my self in exploring the type for this project. First I use paint as an analog media to develop the type, then rework the image through digital application to reinforce the idea the words are expressing. I still need to do some refinement, but it is coming along.

Icon Color Study

Here is an up to date idea of what I'm working on with my color study for the icons. After looking at the palette I set for my self I think I'll be going back and reworking some of the colors. I feel they are a little blain and some don't relate to well with my story. I feel the gold and the red is a successful color combination, because it represents money, power, and lust. I do still need to explore more colors to find the right ones for the job.