Typography Mn Web Layouts

These are the web layouts that have developed and refined.


Static shapes with type

I chose to use bernhard Modern typeface, because it seems to capture the elegance of the night and mysteriousness of the moon. All images use a crop left framing to relate to position of moon in contrast to sun always being on the right of a composition.

Food For Thought Visual Comm

The third project of the year in Visual Communication is coming together well. I began to identify the importance in the steps we are taking. While determining which shapes to use for the analog mark making I notice a crucial step in design. It seems easy and convenient to pick any tool to make a mark that you are trying to achieve, but when you purposely chose a tool it adds another layer of depth to the work. When designing anything you have to carefully determine which actions and steps you will control and which will be left to the organic nature of the mind and body. All seems extremely relevant to the idea of transition. Transitions from analog to digital, and from static to dynamic.



Throughout the color exercises it is interesting to see the mind develop an "eye" to combine colors and schemes.  I found the color harmony systems to be the most interesting, because of the relationship in real world applications. Speaking with a client about a color palette, then refining to have the color convey a tone or emtion to carry through the work.  I love the ability of design to capture a feeling.


Taxonomy Proposal

For my taxonomy I would like to compose my marks by the density of the tools being used to make the mark. Cotton for example might be a possibility for the first mark, because of its lightness. Rocks would be last being the heaviest of tools being used. I would then like to compose a subclass using connotation. The subclass could be categorized from the clarity of the marks wether it be a soft subtle mark or a harsh sharp marks. My intention are to have a denotative primary structure for organization, and use a connotative approach for subclass. I'm going to play with this idea and might flip the two to see were the taxonomy will have better transition.