Three Ways The Brain Creates Meaning

I found this video while researching for content for my Jakob Trollback. Interesting that the video is from TED and Trollback+company puts together motion graphics for the event. I felt like this is worth sharing good insight on how we interpret meaning on a fundamental level.

Jakob Trollback reference material

Here are a few links to the source of information for my Jakob Trollback presentation
Instrumental design after 10 years - Boards
Trollback Home Page - Features work from firm, and a short little bio about the company.


Narrative Combined Detail

This is a combination of the two detail narrative about Raven Wolf, and the start of his label "Pug Dog Records." The images make suggestions towards the genre of music being played, and the audio bit tells the story of his record company.

Raven Wolf Narrative from Bryan Baumgart on Vimeo.


Package Research

For this project we are going to be discovering the different modes of appeal in design. From todays lecture I understand a little more about the differences between Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Ethos uses creditability trustworthiness, and status to reinforce the message or quality of a product. Often times you will see authoritative figures endorsing a product. Logos is more logical mode of appeal relying on factual information to produce reason or understanding of the benefits. Pathos appeals to our emotional side bringing a memory to mind within a products connotations is a good example of capture the Audience.

The three products I will be using as tools for discovering modes of appeal are; Morton Kosher Salt, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Post Honey Bunches of Oats. The salt design is using Ethos as a mode of appeal for the audience. It relies on the vegetables on the front to give credibility to the health benefits of there salt to other, also the Swastika on the front of the box is validating its authenticity. The Cereal design initial seemed to be Logos, I felt the call outs of nutritional values on the box being very factual seemed to appeal to reason. Through further discovering in class we decided that the Cereal was in fact pathos. The rendering method of the honey comb on the front of the box has a animated characteristic that appeals to our emotions, and with the cropping of the spoon with sun rays shining through the background suggest bright sunny mornings. The third product Mac N Cheese seemed to be pathos to me. With the spoon full of mac n cheese on the front and using color to draw the audience in, then presenting Whole Grain with 50% above. We determined in class this to be more logos, and I agree with the suggestions of amount of whole grain.

The Audience will vary from each product I have chose. The Salt being Kosher I think appeals to an audiences that investigates more of there food chose and desired taste. The call out on the product "Great for Gourmet Cooking" suggest its made for chefs and restaurant quality food. For The Mac n Cheese the audience will be directed primary to parents , the provider, and with the Whole grain advertisement is for parents that or nutritionally conscious. The Kraft logo and choice of colors appeal to children more to suggest how good the food is. The Cereal will be for a be for people more caring about there food consumption, and rely on breakfast to get nutrients for the day. I'm going to think about the audience more to be able to fully understand my target groups.

Folly Poster Process

The bad plus found its spot in the new era of jazz that will change how we think about jazz. From the research I felt they were trying to introduce a new feeling or interpurtation to there music. Using traditional style jazz instruments with a very "Rock" free style approach.