Narrative Combined Detail

This is a combination of the two detail narrative about Raven Wolf, and the start of his label "Pug Dog Records." The images make suggestions towards the genre of music being played, and the audio bit tells the story of his record company.

Raven Wolf Narrative from Bryan Baumgart on Vimeo.

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  1. I think that both of the channels made sense on their own instead of together. I undersand that record labels are associated to music and that this dog's name influenced the record labels name BUT when you view the images and hear this man talking about a dog, it loses the context of the importance of what the name now means, Pug Dog Records".

    Also, it doesn't seem that there was much editing, just a fusion of the two channels. There doesn't seem to be any climax of information, just kind of a weird story of a dog

    It was clever how the wolf/dog on the drums shows up when he first starts talking about the dog.

    I think the mix of the tribal made flutes versus the images of the flute that is made of metal is kind of odd. That last transition of a color image is odd too. Just looks stuck in the image. In the last image, I can also see the mans face which makes me think that the man talking is the one shows playing the saxophone. There is a strange order of time in between the images and the sound as well.