Vis com markie marks

Some process of the marks being made in studio today, and the objects that were used to mark.

Vis Comm

Glorious the moon
Therefore our thanks dark clouds
Come to rest our necks

1st line words
Peaceful distant

2 line words

3rd line words


CFD color value/saturation

Today was interesting, it seems value contrast is more obivous than saturation change. With practice I think it will be easier to see.


CFD color wheel!

Color adds so much more design i'm glad to be working with it. It's always tough to remember though with the more tools you have at your desposal the more important every choice becomes.


Final Statement

As project two has come to an end I look back and reflect on the key points I have taken away from the project to use in the future for improved design. The most important feature of this project, thou just as crucial in everything, was process. One weakness I have only began to skim the surface of developing into a well rounded strength. As obvious as it sounds it still takes time to master and capture the essence of design.
I enjoyed this project from the beginning learning to communicate principles of design on a fundamental level of progression, balance, and random. Taking those simple line studies and transforming them into more complex one, and then altering the studies to produce more variations of ideas with the incorporation of those principles and the relationship of figure/ground.
Its the layers of design I begin to notice that will be a tool in the future that will continue to help me improve the quality of my work. I felt a pattern develop from project 1 to project 2 that will continue throughout. The ability to communicate an idea on a very simplistic level and continue to manipulate the work with the principles of communication as the foundation.
The photography exploration helped me to become one step closer to master my photo skills and developing an eye for photo composition. Upon exploration my theme came to me for the development of my book. I considered what it would be like for some one new to the city or living here for a long time. It seems the excitement to a newcomer is more apparent than in someone who has lived in one for some time. The fast pace life style, and having things always going on around makes an pleasurable feeling. In time though people become more focused on when and where they need to be, and forget about the world around in all its finer elements. When I explored the city and most cities for that matter I always have my head in the sky turning and looking at all the design elements in the environment. The locals usually don't even look up to enjoy the monumental aspects of a city or the amazing buildings designed around them. With that in mind I went a little north of the plaza what seemed to be a nice place to live and captured photos then moving towards the plaza capture more photos, and finally downtown for the last bit. The pictures tell a story of a normal day from home to work, and then the plaza for fun, but its with the life of lines in mind. Meaning we need to slow down and enjoy what is around us and this book was designed to help.
I think it turned out pretty good, I left the last page blank so I could add more to it in the future, I as become more developed designer, sharpen my photography skills I would like to compare how far I've come. The last things I would like to mention is how important contrast has become in my impression of design. Everything that is incorporated into design has an aspect of contrast, and the more thought out it is the better the interruption gets. It seems that the two key factors I've drawn away from this project is process and contrast.



I found this image while surfing the web, and decided it would be a nice piece to share. The designer who created this composition is Chris Labrooy. He is inspired by famous product designers and architects in which he created this very interesting set of type faces. I chose this for my find and share, because the lines in the background have a subtle rhythm to them that is very pleasing, but doesn't take away from the focal point. The font it self has balance to it that works well, I especially like how the lines within the font care through each letter matching up. And who wouldn't want to work in an office building shaped like letters?

project 3 Typography Final Clip

Singer's Saloon from Bryan Baumgart on Vimeo.

project 3 Typography Process 2

After developing my type composition I began to add content to fit the words I chose to represent my story. I was having a troublesome time between silk/saloon, or singer's/saloon as my narrative for the story. The end resulted was singer's saloon, I felt like that had a story with more depth, and I was able to use a silhouette of a singer to enforce my letter a little more.

Project 3 Typography Process

The beginning stages of the third project for typography. I chose the letter "S" because I love the organic nature of the form, and the simplicity in a single curved stroke. The font I went with was Garamond premier pro (regular), and Trade Gothic (semibold). They have a good contrast that works well.