Final Review (thoughts)

I’d like to discuss the endless search for form over functionalism and how design becomes more engaging with a goal to appreciate both. I love the layers of design and how mastering the process of a problem becomes the solution to the problem. Design transcends the solution entirely and relies solely on the conceptual notion that how we approach a problem will solve the problem. I’ve learned over the year that layers of design apply conceptual essence through shape, and text. Connotations and Denotations will be discussed also including anchoring the meaning or relaying it into a new meaning. The first layer of design then would be the composition or shape, layout of elements. The gird has proven to be an extremely useful tool for composing graphic elements on a page. The second would be the use of typography onto the page with great relation and respect to the underlying composition. The third would be the meaning of the image and the message trying to communicate (sometimes if not often this is discovered in preliminary idea searching stage). At last we come to the four layer of design and that is with style. Style of the color, tone of an image, the background, texture, the extras that leave out no meaning and are not arbitrary to the overall composition. With all these layers singled out and studied somewhat independently they become more visually understood. I’ve learned that great design uses these layers to bring new and useful as well as exciting information to the piece, but they work independently then when combine communicate a greater message of clarity and great cohesiveness. In conclusion my future goals of education at the art institute will be to fully develop these design skill to Clean up a dirty design world as Massimo Vingelli would say.(insert quote) CONTRACT whole cow how could I almost forget about this one. Contrast is the biggest most important part when determining the relationship graphic elements share with each other when composed together. Contrast in size of text, tone of image, and proximity in space. Contrast is the glue of the design, to much can make a mess of the whole thing not enough it will all fall apart. With the perfect amount however the simple nature of a well-constructed message could be the candidate for a timeless design.