F & S

These logos were designed by Dave Werner and found them to be appealing. The web site is designed very nice, and it is a great example how Dave's process was influenced into creating the logos for each situation. He is website is here , check it out he has some cool stuff inside.


Reading Response

What stood out to me most in the reading "Image, Type, Message" is the idea to design without the limitations of judgement. The ability to communicate any idea at first thought without restricting the creative flow of thought. After this process is finished and every idea is fully explored then the time comes to make refinements and be critical of the steps taken to reach a finished product. To often I find myself trying to make crucial decisions in the preliminary stages and being more explorative in the end stages.
I also like the ideas of layering and migrating text and image into the composition. The approach that was used to design the architect competitions provided great insight into a starting point for this project.

Famous People Ideas

I was debating between three people to use in these project.

Isaac Newton
Jim Belushi
Jim Morrison

All three of the gentlemen are of my favorite influential people, but Isaac Newton has the most impact in history and I find to be my number one choice.

For content to use in my image these is still a work in progress, but I'm thinking of trying to represent a prism in some fashion for Newton was the first to discover that white light is made of all the colors. He also was the first to make a reflective telescope, and wrote "The Principia" describing the laws of motion. He discover/invented calculus, and had several other influences in mathematics and physics. Maybe a physics or calculus text book might be used, and some way to describe his impact on how we use color.

"If I've seen further than others, its by standing on the shoulder of giants." (favorite)

"We build to many walls and not enough bridges."


Find and Share

I found these images today and thought they were an interesting twist on how we interrupt an icon, index, and symbol. The images seems to exploit the direct representation of the content and put a twist on it to make them visually interesting and humors. I wasn't sure which course this was the most relevant in so I left it unlabeled.

The link for the rest of the images are Here.


Modes of Communication

After a few lessons on semiotics, in a visual aspect, the information is starting to be absorbed. Its interesting how intuitive the categorization of icon, index, and symbol really are. The difficult part becomes taking the intuitive thought and developing the formal idea behind the modes of communication. It also seems the majority of the visual communication overlap the categories making a more visually interesting piece by providing more information.


Story Process continued

Story Process

This are the images I have gathered for the two word story. I feel a few of these will work really well to unfold my story. I might investigate more objects unique to my story if some turn out not to be as beneficial like the rock key hider. The rock key hider is lack visual interest, and will probably not be used, but will be kept in the mix for now. The title is still a work in progress, and will present it self as I dive deeper into the project.

Work Title

Run on Life
Can't be Caught
Stealing Art
(any suggestion)