Three Ways The Brain Creates Meaning

I found this video while researching for content for my Jakob Trollback. Interesting that the video is from TED and Trollback+company puts together motion graphics for the event. I felt like this is worth sharing good insight on how we interpret meaning on a fundamental level.

Jakob Trollback reference material

Here are a few links to the source of information for my Jakob Trollback presentation
Instrumental design after 10 years - Boards
Trollback Home Page - Features work from firm, and a short little bio about the company.


Narrative Combined Detail

This is a combination of the two detail narrative about Raven Wolf, and the start of his label "Pug Dog Records." The images make suggestions towards the genre of music being played, and the audio bit tells the story of his record company.

Raven Wolf Narrative from Bryan Baumgart on Vimeo.