Why Graphic Design?

To answer a question like this requires great thought. It becomes troublesome to answer the more I think. The most practical answer would be that I just love to create, and express my thoughts for others to feel what I feel. Truly the emotions are deeper, and they become ever changing as time continues on. Daily I'm presented with a new reason why I love the field that I have chosen. This is why it becomes difficult to answer the question in a moments time, because as time continues on so does my desires and passion about design. I also can relate my evolving emotions to the practice of profession, just for the simple fact that the field I have involved myself in is evolving as well.
I reflect today about what has been presented to my life thus far and can confidently say that design always keep my mind moving. I never feel a moment when my project is complete just for the simple fact that there is another iteration in the imagination of others. All projects in design open a portal where people are able to react and envision a new idea. Design is simply infinite and that is where I find myself.

Bryan Baumgart
So Far

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